Advice for Artists por Sue Molyneaux

Advice for Artists por Sue Molyneaux
Titulo del libro : Advice for Artists
Autor : Sue Molyneaux

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Sue Molyneaux con Advice for Artists

An artist who has been-there-done-that shares insights, stories, tips and recommendations for early-stage artists of all media. One of the hardest questions to answer is, "when can I call myself an artist?" Is it when you sell your first painting, have your first exhibit or get your first museum sale? Well, that's where this book starts. Every canvas, every blank page, every block of stone is a fresh start that allows you to create, and recreate, your art and yourself. Advice for Artists is intended as a guide for some of the tough questions you'll face -- from yourself and others -- as you pursue the career of an artist. From challenging your preconceived notions about "Artspeak" to reminding you that you create and control your artistic persona, you will be inspired to agree and disagree, and, hopefully, create.