Siglo Junior Throwing Buddy por Century

Siglo Junior Throwing Buddy por Century
Titulo del libro : Siglo Junior Throwing Buddy
Autor : Century

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Century con Siglo Junior Throwing Buddy

Color:Púrpura Century Junior Grappling Partner The Junior Throwing Buddy is a great way for kids to practice their throwing and grappling techniques. It's soft to land on, but still gives the feeling of a live partner. Excellent training aid, kids will have great fun grappling & practising techniques on this weighted life size dummy. It can also be used as a kick shield for accurate target kicks & punches, comes with nylon holding straps on back. Safe & easy to use, the throwing buddy is an essential tool for kids martial art classes and practice.     FEATURES Made from fibre filled 200 denier nylon material Weighs approximately 8.1 Kg Approximate Height: 115cm