Selfless Self por Ramakant Maharaj

Selfless Self por Ramakant Maharaj
Titulo del libro : Selfless Self
Fecha de lanzamiento : September 12, 2016
Autor : Ramakant Maharaj
Número de páginas : 502
ISBN : 9780995473454
Editor : Selfless Self Press

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Ramakant Maharaj con Selfless Self

Páginas: 502 Géneros: 12:HRCV:Christian life & practice 12:VXM:Mind, body, spirit: meditation & visualisation Sinopsis: This book, Selfless Self, has been published in response to demand for an edition in ",normal text", format, free of capitals, and with no bold fonts.  ,It offers a continuous flow for fresh absorption. The content is the same as the earlier edition.  ,Sri Ramakant Maharaj was with his Master Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj from 1962. Selfless Self is a companion to ',I AM THAT',. This tangibly powerful, life-transforming book addresses the ultimate questions of ",Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of existence?", Never before has truth been revealed in such a simple, piercing and Direct Way. Herein is a road map for Self-discovery that will, if followed, take the reader Home. It is a One-way ticket, unless of  ,course you are happy to enter another dream. This book reveals the story of the reader, the story of Oneness. It is a universal story, a ',spiritography',, and it is your story. Just read it, and see! All that is needed is acceptance and then, slowly silently, permanently your Reality will be awakened. A timeless classic._,